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Space designed for the delivery of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and other yogic disciplines in order to enrich and raise physical and spiritual awareness to children and adults.
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Conscious Tourism is an experience of transforming life that generates a personal growth that makes us better human beings. This new concept is based on the principles of sustainability and ethics and promotes the values ​​of peace, friendship, respect and love of life as the essence of tourism practice.

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Anahat Atacama offers you an experience that, in addition to admiring the beauty of the place, will allow you to get to know it more closely, to internalize yourself in its formative and cultural process and also to enjoy yoga and meditation.

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Conscious tourism

The Magic of Atacama penetrates you with its air, its sky and its sun.

Small oasis in the middle of the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama. Its picturesque village allows you to enter a cultural environment full of charms and rarities. Small streets, where the cyclist, pedestrian and cars share spaces. Its particular constructions in adobe, its colors and its aroma of dryness and dust, will make you daydream.

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Yoga for the whole family

Through yoga, children will exercise their breathing and learn to relax to cope with stress, conflict situations and lack of concentration, problems so evident in today’s society. Yoga will help you on your long journey to the physical and psychic domain


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